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A Bit About Me

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

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I'm Nicole, a dance enthusiast, cupcake connoisseur, puppy lover, and a self-proclaimed shopaholic (I just can't resist those sparkly shoes!). Born in 1986 and constantly keeping it real since then!

In addition to my passion for dance, I also own a delightful custom sugar cookie business called Kelowna Kookies. I whisk up batches of sugary magic and add a sprinkle of joy to every occasion. Trust me, these cookies are the icing on the cake of any celebration! 🍪✨

Speaking of new beginnings, my husband, Shawn Byfield, and I embarked on a sweet journey together when we moved to Kelowna in October 2021. We fell head over heels for this vibrant city, with its breathtaking views and endless sunshine. It's the perfect place to live, laugh, and make memories.

Teaching and choreography remain my true passions, and I'm lucky enough to live and breathe them every day. Picture me in a classroom, surrounded by eager students, their faces lighting up as they master a new step or giving me giant hugs because they missed me over the weekend. It's pure magic! Plus, their compliments on my hair, nails, and outfit never fail to brighten my day.

As a forever student myself, I'm always seeking new knowledge and training opportunities. I love introducing my students, from little ones to the young at heart, to fresh steps, fascinating history, and captivating music. It's not just about dance; it's about passing on my knowledge and igniting the passion in future generations.

But wait, there's more! I also have a fantastic gig as an adjudicator. From March to May, you'll find me on the other side of the stage, providing constructive feedback and cheering on dancers in cities near you. It's such a fulfilling experience to connect with performers and share meaningful moments during those special awards sessions.

If you're in search of a professional dance instructor or choreographer who can give your students the personalized attention they deserve, look no further! With over a decade of teaching and choreography experience in Greater Toronto, Niagara, Tri-Cities, and now the beautiful Okanagan, I'm here to unlock their full potential. And trust me, we'll have an absolute blast along the way, laughing, smiling, and having so much F-U-N!

I'm thrilled you stopped by, and I hope to connect with you soon. Let's dance our way to happiness and indulge in some scrumptious Kelowna Kookies together! 😄🍪

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